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a lot of Bugs and does not work!

first post: davidberlin wrote: this project has a lot of Bugs and doesn´t work any more... :((

.csproj file missed, How to open in Visual Web Developer Express?

first post: pengye wrote: I have downloaded the source, but I found in the source .csproj fil...

Shared Hosting Integration

first post: dynamicsandy wrote: Hello, Good Project !But doesnot works in shared hosting environmen...


first post: thexeon wrote: can enable authentication on the SMTP server? if i can... from wh...

Is there any help file.

first post: jha_jee wrote: I tried to find out but but it was not there.Have you not written y...

Database Schema

first post: Inventis wrote: Does someone have the Database Schema of the MDB file so I can impo...

Trialling newsletter - features ?

first post: halinab wrote: How does  one subsribeunsubsribe automatically to this new system? ...

latest post: glyons wrote: Firstly, sorry not answering your question earlier, I'm not getting...


first post: glyons wrote: Suggestions, Comments, etc..

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